What is strategic litigation?

Strategic litigation is a method that can bring significant changes in the law, practice or public awareness via taking carefully-selected cases to court. With strategic cases, although the initial step is seeking to clarify an individual complaint before the court, in addition to clarifying the individual case the aim is to obtain justice for a whole group which might potentially find itself in a similar or comparable situation. Furthermore, strategic litigation is a legal tool for bringing social, legal and political change by using an individual case of human rights violation. In other words, the aim is to create legal precedents.
Through conduction of a strategic litigation it is aimed to:
• Create progressive jurisprudence which advances human rights and fundamental freedoms
• Instigate reform of national laws which do not comply with international human rights law
• Ensure that laws are interpreted and enforced properly
• Document human rights violations by the judiciary.
As a result of strategic litigation the following outcomes might be achieved:
• Develop civil society and mobilize communities
• Develop democratic values and the Rule of Law
• Develop legal culture.

Main values

While fulfilling its mission, CSL HR NGO adheres to the following moral values:

Sticking to principles
Is observed in commitment and adherence to the adopted ideology

Is observed in commitment to the guiding principle of causing no harm and to the honest-minded approach in achieving the set goals

Suggests a sequence of logical and interrelated actions in all initiatives of the organization.

Democracy is seen both as one of the principles and guiding values of the organization’s activity. In the capacity of a value, democracy in Armenia and growth of establishments assisting to its development are given much importance by the organization. Where democracy is seen as a principle, the organization signifies diversity of opinions and respects freedom of speech.

Active participation of stake-holders in decision making and process of implementation is ensured.

Suggests openness of the organization to the public. Transparency is the guiding principle for CSL HR NGO in implementing projects or any type of activity.

Who we are

The “Center for Strategic Litigations” (CSL) human rights non-governmental organization is a non-profit, non-governmental, independent organization, which was registered by the Central Body of State Register of the Ministry of Justice of RA in accordance with the “Law about the non-governmental organizations”. The CSL head office is located in Vanadzor, Lori region, Armenia.

The “Center for Strategic Litigations” (CSL) is a voluntary union of human rights advocates, specialists and defenders, who accept the values adopted by CSL, and are ready to contribute their efforts and forces for the sake of human rights protection. Furthermore, those united should be willing to spread human rights values and accomplish the mission of the organization.

Our Mission

To support Armenia in the formation of legal system rooted in the rule-of-law principle through strategic litigation.

Our Objectives

  • To unite the efforts and the contributions of the members and supporters of the organization and to direct it toward Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms in the Republic of Armenia.
  • To promote the development and the improvement of the judiciary system through strategic litigations in the Republic of Armenia.
  • To contribute to the creation of new mechanisms for the human rights protection through strategic litigations.
  • To apply the case law of the European Court of Human Rights in the national courts through strategic litigations.
  • To promote the development and improvement of advocate institute in the Republic of Armenia through strategic litigations.
  • To build trust towards the profession of the advocate.
  • To improve the quality of legal education.
  • To support the peace building process in the South Caucasus through strategic litigations.
  • To promote the development of effective social means for human rights protection and fundamental freedoms.
  • To raise legal awareness and legal consciousness of the youth.
  • To raise legal awareness and legal culture through non formal education.
  • To contribute to the development of human rights education.
  • To establish a human rights library.
  • To promote provision of pro bono legal aid.
  • To organize advocacy campaigns through activating lawyers.
  • To participate in the development of national and international human rights programs.
  • To establish collaboration between Armenian and regional and international human rights institutions.
  • To initiate legislative changes and to present them to the legislative and executive branches in the Republic of Armenia.
  • To organize international exchanges for human rights lawyers.
  • To conduct trail monitoring.
  • To develop and submit Amicus Curie to courts.