How to Make a Video Essay

How to Make a Video Essay

Making a video essay may seem intimidating, especially if you have never done any video work before. But it is easier than it seems when you follow a few helpful tricks from team at Essay Basics.

To get started, first decide on your argument. Ideally, this should just be one sentence. Write it down and make sure to refer to it several times in the video but do not be afraid to modify it as you go through the entire essay.

You should also consider the type of video essay that you want to make. Is it a simple voice over? An image with texts? Or a supercut. Start small and do not try to do something too complicated all at once. Begin with simple ideas and use a limited number of materials at the beginning until you are confident that you can add more.

Argue your thesis creatively and engagingly. It is not just your opinions or the facts that you present that will make people pay attention to your video essay. Those who are very successful in doing video essays know how to entertain. These are channels like “the Nerdwriter” and “The School of Life” which is a philosophy channel. They are also well-informed. Break down your points and discuss them one by one. Answer a few questions that you think are important in a specific subject. Analyze the key points. Remember the questions that you listed and keep going back to them as you go through the video.

Make sure that your video essay is also well-researched. It should be multimodal. Aside from Google and sites like YouTube, use other supporting academic materials which you may find in your local library. Include documentaries, reviews, or information from other video essays. But lastly, make sure you include your references so you do not get into any legal trouble and copyright issues.

Keep exploring innovative ways of conveying critical ideas. Use still and moving images, spoken texts, music, split screens, and slow motion videos.


“Supporting Human Rights Cases through Legal Education”

Funded by:  U.S. Embassy Public Affairs Section
Project Manager: Edmon Marukyan
Project Duration: Sep.15, 2011-Feb.14, 2012
Total Grant amount: 4,179.00USD

From September 2011 “Center for Strategic Litigations” HR NGO implements a project entitled “Supporting Human Rights Cases through Legal Education”.
The aim of the project is to assist the increase of number and improvement of quality of the applications sent to the European Count on human Rights from Armenia.
Within the framework of the project it is planned to conduct a training session for 35 lawyers and advocates practicing in Lori Region on the topics of “Introduction to the European Convention on Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms” and European Court of Human Rights, “Procedure for applying to the European Court”, “Preparation of an application to the European Court”. The project also includes individual legal consulting of lawyers, establishment of a professional library, organization of professional discussions, launch “Center for Strategic Litigations” HR NGO based resource center for advocates.

“Monitoring of the implementation of recommendations of European Committee for the Prevention of Torture by Armenia”

Funded by: Counterpart International Representation in Armenia
Project Manager: Naira Khachatryan
Project Duration: November 1, 2011- April 30, 2012
Total Grant amount: 2.700.000 AMD

From November 1, 2011 “Center for Strategic Litigations” HR NGO started implementation of a project entitled “Monitoring the implementation of the recommendations of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture by the Republic of Armenia”.
The aim of the project is to monitor the implementation the obligations undertaken by the Republic of Armenia within the frames of “European Convention for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment”, drawl of public attention towards the importance of public supervision mechanism active implementation.
Within the framework of the project it is anticipated to conduct comparative analyze of recommendations developed by European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and the responses of Armenian government and to collect information from the respective Armenian institutions. By the end of the project it is expected to publicize a study on the effective implementation of the reforms mentioned in the government responses to the recommendations of European Committee for the Prevention of Torture.

Main values

While fulfilling its mission, CSL HR NGO adheres to the following moral values:

Sticking to principles
Is observed in commitment and adherence to the adopted ideology

Is observed in commitment to the guiding principle of causing no harm and to the honest-minded approach in achieving the set goals

Suggests a sequence of logical and interrelated actions in all initiatives of the organization.

Democracy is seen both as one of the principles and guiding values of the organization’s activity. In the capacity of a value, democracy in Armenia and growth of establishments assisting to its development are given much importance by the organization. Where democracy is seen as a principle, the organization signifies diversity of opinions and respects freedom of speech.

Active participation of stake-holders in decision making and process of implementation is ensured.

Suggests openness of the organization to the public. Transparency is the guiding principle for CSL HR NGO in implementing projects or any type of activity.