Session 1 of “Supporting Human Rights Cases through Legal Education” training

On November 26-27, 2011 “Center for Strategic Litigations” HR NGO conducted a two-day training entitled “Human Rights Protection within the framework of Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights”. The training was organized for advocates, practicing lawyers and Law students of Lori region, within the framework of “Supporting Human Rights Cases through Legal Education” project, supported by the US EmbassyPublic Affairs Section and the USAAA.

The aim of the training was enriching the skills of advocates and the lawyers regarding European Court of Human Rights and to the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. 24 advocates and lawyers had a chance to share their experience and obtain new knowledge regarding European mechanisms of human rights protection through having discussions about concrete cases.

During the training a movie illustrating the European Court of Human Rights was presented. Within the frames of the project the specialists of the organization will provide with practical assistance to advocates for preparing the cases litigated in national courts in order to submit to the European Court of Human Rights.

Main values

While fulfilling its mission, CSL HR NGO adheres to the following moral values:

Sticking to principles
Is observed in commitment and adherence to the adopted ideology

Is observed in commitment to the guiding principle of causing no harm and to the honest-minded approach in achieving the set goals

Suggests a sequence of logical and interrelated actions in all initiatives of the organization.

Democracy is seen both as one of the principles and guiding values of the organization’s activity. In the capacity of a value, democracy in Armenia and growth of establishments assisting to its development are given much importance by the organization. Where democracy is seen as a principle, the organization signifies diversity of opinions and respects freedom of speech.

Active participation of stake-holders in decision making and process of implementation is ensured.

Suggests openness of the organization to the public. Transparency is the guiding principle for CSL HR NGO in implementing projects or any type of activity.